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Cricket 59 (C59) is a new, exciting and short duration cricket format introduced by Cricket Council USA. It is a professional cricket league that will not only boost fan engagement and excitement, but will also attract baseball fans. With an experience of more than 20 years in the industry as a professional sports and entertainment-management organization, CCUSA has a valuable and unmatched experience and expertise with long-lasting business partnerships that have been instrumental in promoting cricket as a professional sport in the US.

Furthermore, the franchise models for C59 cricket league are highly lucrative for investors as such with low investment they will get high exposure for their brand/ company overall. The potential franchise holders can acquire a license for C59 where essential services like marketing, operational services, logistics, media support will be available to them and will be supported by CCUSA. In addition, there is also an exciting opportunity to be a title sponsor for Cricket 59.

A fast-version of cricket, C59 is a tournament that comprises of 59 balls only, with the first ball of the first over being a free hit. In its efforts to promote cricket at the grassroots level, in schools and educational institutions in North America, CCUSA has introduced an easy to play format that will also help engage school children and youth to participate in cricket. Through this league, cricket will not only gain more awareness and participation, it will also get a new variation in the way it is played. As such, in C59 format each team comprises of nine players. Moreover, a bowler can bowl a maximum of two overs and interestingly, the total duration of a match lasts only for around 90 minutes including the 10 minutes break. Having nine players per side increases the chances for every player on the team to bat, bowl and field. For more detailed rules, please kindly check the attached document.

CCUSA is committed to the development of cricket and is proud to launch a worldwide professional cricket league with the format of C59 to not only promote the sport, but also to increase the participation at the global level.