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The CCUSA MAQ Cricket 59 Championship, herein referred to as “The MAQ Cricket 59 Championship Tournament”, shall be governed by the Laws of Cricket (2000 Code 5th Edition – 2013), and the special C59 ball Cricket format playing conditions of the CCUSA shall apply except where specific in the playing conditions.

Note: All references to ‘Governing Body’ within the Laws of Cricket shall be replaced by ‘CCUSA MAQ Cricket 59 Championship Tournament Committee’. The Tournament Committee reserves all rights to alter the Tournament format and/or structure as deemed and make necessary by circumstances beyond the control of the Tournament Committee, including but not limited to grounds, weather and light conditions. The tournament is regulated by Cricket Council USA.

All players and officials taking part in CCUSA Cricket events agree to the rules & regulations outlined. Any player or team in breach of the rules, spirit of cricket or bringing CCUSA Cricket or the game into disrepute will be terminated from participating in the CCUSA C59 Cricket tournament.

Format of the Tournament

  • 59 balls 9.5 overs per innings.
  • 1st over of the inning will be a 5 ball over where the 1st ball will be a free hit.
  • Nine (9) players per side are permitted
  • A minimum of 17 balls (2.5 overs) need to be played by each team to be counted as an official game.
  • Bowler can bowl up to 2 overs maximum per inning, while the 1st bowler will bowl 1.5 overs
  • No power play over and no fielding restrictions
  • Matches will be played using one new ball
  • Total match time: 1 hour 45 minutes ( 45 minutes per inning, 15 minutes inning break)
  • Super sub is allowed.
  • Teams are required to name their substitute player before the toss,
  • The super-sub will replace any player at any point during the game and take over the substituted player’s batting and bowling duties and stats in the games. If the player has bowled 1 over Super sub is allowed to bowl remaining one (1) over.
  • Once super-sub has entered the game, he can not be replaced with the substituted player and substituted player cannot re-enter the match.
  • Super over will be used to break the tie
  • Duckworth Lewis (D/L) will be used for all interrupted matches

Ineligible Players:

Players under suspension or ban by ICC and/or MAQ Cricket 59 body (country) and/or State/provincial and/or Local Associations/leagues are not eligible to participate in the C59. It is the team’s responsibility to ensure that no such player(s) joins the team. If such player plays for any team, that team will be disqualified from the tournament.

Prize Money Distribution:

Management to be decided.

Rained out situation:

  1. If the tournament is affected by the rain, the tournament committee has the right to adopt the reduced overs schedule as required for any/or for remaining and/or all rounds of the tournament.
  2. Tournament prize money will only be distributed if tournament has been completed.
  3. Individual awards will be distributed based on tournament stats at the conclusion of the tournament.

Tournament committee:

  • Tournament Committee reserves the right to change the schedule as required, any time during the tournament.
  • The committee’s decision is final and binding on its absolute discretion to impose any penalty by way of warning and/or fine and/or reprimand and/or suspend the participants in respect of the tournament.