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Teams going fast for Maq Cricket59

Yet another team has been sold for the Maq Cricket59 tournament that will be played from November 8 to 10 at the Carib Ball Lumber Park in St. Maarten.CEO of Mission Smart Ride company Nanda Sandilya has decided to invest by purchasing the Marigot Tigers team, which now brings the number to three, the number of teams sold so far.

Sandilya, the man behind Mission Smart Ride which is a  programme to curb drunken driving in Telangana is being taken up by more bars, which will ensure responsible service to customers.A brainchild of Nanda Sandilya, who has 20 years experience as a software architect and currently works with an insurance firm, the programme has been recommended to be passed as an Act, which will make it mandatory for all bars in the state to ensure that customers reach home safeAt the moment, the teams sold are Simpson Bay Pelicans, Philipsburg Rhinos and now Marigot Tigers. This tournament is generating tremendous interest at the moment and is expected to continue as we lead up to the draft that takes place on Wednesday in Philipsburg, St. Maarten.

Cricket operations manager at CCUSA Sofian Qamar says this is good news as the cricket body is looking to expand into the Caribbean. “We are happy with the response we have gotten from all the stakeholders concerning this MAQ Cricket59 in St. Maarten. This is a project that was conceptualized by the chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi and he wants to see this grow into something substantial.“We want to thank those early investors who have come on board and we are looking forward to others partnering with us as we move cricket forward.”The hard-working Qamar said he was happy with the response and it gives him great confidence that the second event under the MAQ Cricket59 which takes place in Pakistan in November will also be a major success.

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