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CCUSA and B Sports gives boost to Pakistan cricket

MARGATE/FLORIDA – USA: Cricket is going to get a major boost in Pakistan in November when B Sports under the umbrella of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) hosts MAQ Cricket59.

With local cricket fans in Pakistan starved for top-class cricket here comes a competition that is expected to capture the imagination of the public. MAQ Cricket59 will be taken around the globe and actually bowls off in St. Maarten with the first tournament of its kind taking place in Philipsburg from November 8 to 10.

The bandwagon then rolls into Pakistan under the management of B Sports Group headed by successful businessman Nauman KhanAzeemi. Faisalabad will not be the same after this tournament is staged. There will be play-offs leading to the major tournament, so the action begins from November 10 to 23. It will culminate with the grand finals at the Iqbal Stadium in Faisalabad and all the games will be shown live worldwide.

CCUSA is pleased to be associated with another American company in the form of B Sports who is based in Chicago and shares the same vision in terms of developing cricket.

Chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi is very happy that he can give back to his native Pakistan. “We want to give every opportunity to people to own teams and make it more affordable for them. I came up with the concept of MAQ Cricket59 so that the masses can compete and everyone can get a chance at showcasing their talent. These matches will be broadcasted live all over the world, so the players who are fortunate to take part can really promote themselves. Of course, the best of the players can end up playing at the very popular US Open T20 tournament which is held in Fort Lauderdale.

“We want to wish Nauman Azeemi all the best as he is working very hard to make this a memorable tournament in Pakistan. He has promised that it will be a tournament to remember and we are all excited about this.”

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